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Abrasive Grit Open the blog

White Aluminum Oxide White aluminum oxide grit is fused from high-purity alumina powder in an electrical arc at very high temperatures. It's a brilliant white color, extraordinary hardness, and sharp edges; it's highly immune to corrosion; and its chemical stability, high bulk density, and low porosity provide its extraordinary volume stability and thermal shock resistance. The grit size is compatible and cuts much faster than other sand blasting machine abrasive media, leaving a smoother and clean surface. It is often produced during a big selection of sizes, from large grains to micro-powders, and is right for a good range of abrasive and refractory applications. Brown Aluminum Oxide Brown aluminum oxide grit manufactures is produced by the fusion of high-quality bauxite in an electrical arc furnace at high temperatures. Our Brown alumina has high compression strength, high toughness, excellent self-sharpening, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent hydrophilia and cleanliness. It's a clean, high-strength material that resists oxidation and corrosion, maintains chemical stability, and withstands extraordinarily high temperatures. Aluminum Oxide grit is a low-iron content abrasive material that will not leave any rust on the blasting surface of our object/surface. Rust deposits can often cause problems in coming future processes.
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Abrasive Grit

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En 1991 se constituyó oficialmente la Federación Internacional de Pádel y en 1993 el juego fue reconocido como categoría deportiva oficial. Desde entonces, se han celebrado circuitos nacionales y regionales por todo el país, incluyendo el Circuito Andaluz durante varios años consecutivos. Durante la Expo de Sevilla de 1992, el Club de Golf La Moraleja acogió el primer Campeonato del Mundo de Pádel y en 1996 España acogió el III Campeonato del Mundo en Madrid.